Print Mediums / Options

3 unique styles, each designed to provide you a great viewing experience.


Acrylic Medium, Acrylic Prints

Dynamic and vibrantly-colored prints combined with clean, contemporary design.

Acrylic is my signature product and utilizes state-of-the-art printing technology to provide the most dynamic and immersive viewing experience possible.

The 100% optically clear ‘glasslike’ acrylic is combined with a special paper, infused with millions of silver-halide crystals that glow when exposed to light. The result is a print that dynamically changes with ambient lighting conditions creating rich, vivid colors and an incredibly lifelike 3-dimensional appearance.

Additionally, every pixel is LASER exposed one-by-one with pinpoint precision creating an ultra high-definition print resolution fine enough to capture textures and subtle details lost in other printing methods.

Artwork is finished by flame-polishing the acrylic edges, allowing maximum light transmission to the image while providing a sleek, contemporary appearance and a viewing experience with absolutely no visual interruption.

Acrylic pieces are lightweight, easy to install, eco-friendly and fade-resistant.


Bold and modern: vibrant color meets esthetic minimalism.

Aluminum is a new and revolutionary medium with a look never before seen in photography. Its special reflective light properties result in stunning high-definition detail with a brighter and more luminous appearance than HD television screens. The broad range of colors are clearer, crisper, brighter and more vibrant on aluminum than traditional paper prints and the end result is artwork that is practically life-like. Recessed anodized aluminum frames create a stylishly minimalistic and modern appearance. Aluminum prints are also remarkably lightweight, convenient to clean, archival quality and water-resistant making them an excellent choice for outdoor spaces.


Stylish and economical, an HD-Wrap makes beautiful wall art affordable for everyone.

The HD-Wrap redefines the traditional gallery wrap by replacing canvas with a silver-halide crystal paper print, providing ultra high-definition image quality with superior color contrast and intensity.

The print is encapsulated with a special crystal laminate providing archival protection while simultaneously dispersing ambient light, making it perfect for walls where glare would be a distraction.  It’s then mounted to a solid wooden substate, not stretched, eliminating the inevitable sagging and drooping that occurs in the fabric of traditional canvas prints.  French cleat mounting hardware makes installation a breeze and ensures that your artwork will always be level and looking great.